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been a dog behaviour and detection specialist involved in diverse research projects. 

Within her scope as a behaviour researcher she is known for research amongst other emotions in dogs and other animals. Participating with her expertise in a variety of research work outside her own company. 

As a scent detection specialist she has vast experience in every part of general nosework, combining searching,tracking and detection. 

Within this field of expertise she also started in the 1990's teaching educational programs for people who at that time were working professionally with search, track or detection dogs. 

Because of the growing interest in this specific discipline she decided to broaden the scope for people working in this field to be able to get more professional knowledge, create the same opportunities for every serious dog owner to participate in these educational programs, lessons, clinics, lectures, workshops to complete Scent detection education given at a professional level. 

Workshops for fun, to detect human blood, search for paper money or for truffle, are some examples of the five day workshops for interested students. 

Her experience, with this field of research and co-operation in diverse project's are endless.